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Find out how we can help you with resolving claims, shortages, damage and loss.


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when you have problems:

we can, and we will, step in right away and take the lead to help

Remember: We can’t start helping you until you let us know you need help

coffee, tea, or ... crash positions

We’re like the cabin crew on an aircraft – most of the time they perform normal tasks, like serving food and refreshments, and making themselves pleasantly available. But their most important responsibility, by far, is to step in and take a strong lead to guide and assist and reassure passengers when there are problems.

Pick-up, trace, or … Damaged freight

At Copper Run, our normal tasks are sourcing trucks and monitoring freight flows. But our most important work starts when we step in to help customers who are having issues.

Helping work through problems is what we do, automatically, and we do it well. It’s an important part of our Value-Rich service package

We’ve been in this business for a long time, and over the years we’ve seen a lot. We have probably seen your issue before - or something very similar - so we have the experience to hit the ground running to resolve your problem.

And we will be honest and fair with everyone involved: that always makes problem resolution easier and faster.

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