We offer fair prices ,relentless thoroughness, transparent honesty, corporate stability and teamwork

our history


In an industry known for turnover, we have been brokering freight continuously since january, 1997

reliable service

Our history is a record of providing reliably excellent service at a fair price, and we have continuously improved our customer assistance and technical support packages

loyal customer base

As a direct result of the competitive attractiveness of our price/service offering, we have enjoyed a level of customer loyalty rarely seen in our highly-competitive industry:

Of the customers we served at the turn of the century in 2000, more than 40% of those who are still active, are still active with copper run.

financial stability

And as an additional direct result of quality service, fair prices, and customer loyalty, we have earned the financial stability that derives from a modest operating profit in every fiscal quarter since the day we served our first customer in 1997

long-term strength

Our financial stability has fostered continuous service stability, the ability to weather the peaks and valleys of business cycles and foreign exchange fluctuations, and the strength over the years to continue to offer quality service at fair and competitive prices.

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