rock solid

Our Corporate Strength and Stability helps protect both our Customers and Carriers.

qualified staff


We are a closely-knit group of hand-picked, high-performance, freight transportation professionals.

specific experience

Each of us has years, 18 years on average, of progressively proficient experience specific to our responsibilities


We are all cross-trained, so we have both the capability and the flexibility to respond immediately to changing priorities, with multiple layers of expertise, support and back-up.

extra special care

As a team, we offer a freight transportation boutique – providing customized service to discerning shippers and receivers, those who truly value extra special care and attention.


We know that if we fail, it will appear to our customer’s customers as though our customer has failed. We own that customer service responsibility.

supply chain urgency

We understand the supply chain urgency of delivery, the importance of reliability, and the over-arching need to know.

we know fair

We understand shipping costs and we understand shipping prices, we know what influences them and how they move. We know how trucks earn money, we know how trucks lose money, and we know the tricks, the traps, and the scams. We know what is fair…. So we know how to produce a fair, win-win-win result.

we know trucking

We know trucking, inside-out. We have loaded trucks / we have worn the dispatch headset / we have taught driver hours-of-work compliance / we have solved customs problems at 3 am. / we have trip-planned deliveries

And we have also exercised executive-level fleet-wide operational authority and responsibility

we are a freight broker

That means we don’t own or operate trucks, ever. But we can get you a truck, whenever, wherever.

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